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Careers - Information Advice and Guidance within the Lydiate Learning Trust

A young person’s career is the progress they make in learning and work. All young people need appropriate guidance to follow the right pathway.

The Lydiate Learning Trust aims to help all students fulfil their potential and experience success through an educational environment which responds to individual need and stimulates and challenges each and every student. The processes of informing, advising and guiding students are accorded a high priority within the Trust, and are seen as crucial in preparing students to make decisions regarding the opportunities and challenges of adult and working life.

Our Aims

It is our intention that the students in our care will:

Understand themselves and the influences on them

  • by assessing and having an understanding and awareness of themselves and by developing their personal qualities and skills
  • by clarifying and discussing their values, attitudes and preferences in relation to work
  • by developing key skills
  • by developing career management skills including resilience, self-reliance and self-presentation

Investigate opportunities in learning and work

  • by investigating the knowledge and skills which people need at work
  • by having an awareness and investigating the opportunities available to them in education, training and possible careers through use of occupational and labour market information
  • by considering the changing patterns of work and careers and investigating the social and moral issues at work
  • being capable, after finding out about post-16 choices of education, training and work, of making choices about their own continuing education and training, and about career paths.

Make and adjust plans to manage change and transition

  • by using the results of self-assessment in their career planning
  • by making decisions concerning their own post-16 choices
  • by use of action planning and the recording of achievement to support their career development
  • by being able to use the information and guidance to manage the transition to new roles and situations that they will meet, both in school and in the future at work and at leisure.


Within the Lydiate Learning Trust the need to inform, advise and guide students are met from a series of generic processes which take place within many contexts. This policy seeks to describe these processes and to explain their application through the range of curriculum and pastoral settings within our organisation.


Students at The Lydiate Learning Trust are entitled to receive:

  • Clear unbiased advice and information about all the options available, so that they understand what each of them involve
  • support and guidance to help them make choices and complete a career plan for the future
  • regular personal support with information on how well they are doing
  • help to decide what to do when they leave their course, including further learning, training or employment
  • a programme of careers education which helps them to develop skills and knowledge to make choices and the transition to work and learning
  • the opportunity to be involved in making decisions about things that effect their learning
  • an opportunity to learn about the world of work

Students and parents are made aware of this entitlement through the Trust and school websites. Students are encouraged to review their entitlement regularly within tutorial settings.

The delivery of this entitlement is underpinned by the following values:

  • Impartiality
  • Confidentiality
  • Ownership by the young person
  • Promotion of Equality of opportunity
  • Transparency
  • Accessibility

IAG needs to be available to students at a time which is appropriate to their needs and in a format and style which allows them to make maximum use of the service.

The Typical Offer

Whole School Activities
          Careers Ambassadors
          Guest speakers (Assembly and Curriculum)
          Meet the Professionals
          Employer Thank You event
          Support for Enigma (other years)
          Careers Surgeries (staff)
          Support for Applications (FE,HE,Apprenticeship,Employment)