A number of our students have been working with the Everyman Theatre on literacy development and artistry through the theatre’s current production ‘The Story Giant’.

The story has been adapted by Lindsay Rodden from a book by Brian Patten, a local Liverpool poet and author, and is a family adventure into the magic of storytelling. The play follows the Story Giant, who has gathered all but one of the world’s stories in a library in his castle tower. If he doesn’t find the last missing story his castle will crumble and he will die.

He is helped by 4 students from around the world to try and find this story, before he disappears. In preparing for the show, the students worked with theatre practitioners from the Everyman on Drama and Art work.

The final pieces of art were put into a giant 6-foot tall book which is currently on display at the Everyman Theatre. A number of the students involved, with family members, went to see the play and their book and everyone was impressed by the scale of the book and the impact of the play. The book will be donated to the Liverpool Museum, on the Pier head, and will form part of their future displays.