Change, change, change...

Currently in education, there is a significant amount of change, including a New National Curriculum and the phased introduction of more challenging GCSEs and A Levels. These changes are happening over the next few years in all schools and your son/daughter will experience them.

The New National Curriculum has a greater focus on knowledge and skills development, along with the opportunity to study the ‘big ideas’ of a subject in greater depth. A key change has been the removal of assessment levels, something which students and parents have become familiar with both at Primary and Secondary school.

All schools nationally have been tasked to design and publish a new coherent Assessment Policy that reflects the above changes in national policy in a way that enables students and parents to understand the new assessment system. Systems will inevitably vary from school to school.

We believe that these changes provide the school with an opportunity to develop a Key Stage 3 curriculum and assessment system that is bespoke to the needs and aspirations of students at Deyes High School.

This new assessment system:

  • Is based on high expectations and challenge for all
  • Focuses on developing key subject concepts, knowledge and skills needed at GCSE
  • Starts with the end point in sight. In other words, what do our students need to know, understand and be able to do to achieve their full potential at GCSE?
  • Uses regular assessment and pupil feedback for improvement – and so develops what we call a ‘growth mindset’
  • Incorporates high quality end of topic assessments which help develop the skills needed to tackle GCSE examination questions
  • Ensures equal access to the full range of assessment criteria for all students so that all have the opportunity to achieve academic excellence
  • Ensures that the data from assessment is reliable, identifying what students have and have not understood and informs future teaching/intervention needs
  • Is designed to re-establish ‘the language of learning’ over ‘the language of levels’

This assessment system has been designed in consultation with all stakeholder groups within the school community including, teachers, parents, governors and, of course, students. However, it is a new policy and so your views and opinions on the system are welcome as we look to refine it further in the months and years ahead.

For more information about assessment in Key Stage 3 please click on the parent guide booklet below.

Parent Guide