Staff How do I help your son/daughter?
Mrs E Wylie
I oversee and implement all provision   for students on the SEND register.  I  complete all Annual Reviews, Pupil Profile meetings and liaise with outside  agencies and the Local Authority to maximise the amount of support that we  can also offer.

I work very closely with the Autism Support team (OSSME). I provide staff with strategies and support for SEND students to use within their classrooms. I can also offer pastoral support to   both students and their families through the CAF process.

I am also part of the safeguarding team.

Mrs A. Haines
Director of Student Services
I am also part of the safeguarding team. I manage the Student Support Service Department offering pastoral support guidance and advice to all students
Mr D. Davies
Director; Key Stage 3
My role is to support your child through transition from Year 6 and throughout Key Stage 3.
Mrs P. Graham
Lead Literacy   Practitioner and Dyslexic Specialist
I manage the provision of tuition for selected groups of students. As part of my role I co-ordinate testing of students’ literacy skills to screen for underachievement and establish baseline attainment and deliver a tailored literacy intervention programme to individual or groups of students. I advise teachers on the planning and teaching of reading, spelling and other literacy strategies so that there is continuity for those students receiving intervention and a consistent school wide approach. Celebrating success and encouraging   continuing development of reading and other literacy skills in conjunction   with parents and staff is an important part of my work.  I screen students for Dyslexia and deviseindividualised multi-sensory intervention programmes. I assist the SENCO and support her in the   provision for students on the SEND register