Letter from Head of School

Thank you for your interest in Deyes High School. We hope this website provides you with a flavour of our culture and achievements. We are a high achieving school that combines academic excellence with strong family values; we care about people and standards with equal measure.

We believe it is our responsibility that every one of our pupils fulfils their academic potential. In addition, we must ensure that they develop a love of learning, fully develop their creativity and, so importantly, enjoy their time at the school.

We aim to:

  • offer an academic challenge which ensures that pupils of all backgrounds and abilities feel secure and valued, and that they are all able to realise their potential.
  • create an environment which instils in students the ability and courage to think independently and develop a love of learning.
  • provide a wide range of cultural, sporting and adventurous activities for pupils to enjoy and through which they can learn to work co-operatively and to lead.
  • be a community that nurtures every student and encourages them to develop a sense of social responsibility and that also supports their spiritual and personal development.
  • support all of our students into the best universities and into high quality employment.

These aims form the relentless focus of everything we do here at Deyes High School. Close and positive relationships between home and school ensure that these aims are fulfilled and together we are able to watch our pupils emerge as young people of whom we are all truly proud.

Mr P Duffy

Head of School