This will run alongside the general elections and see our students casting their very own vote on the same day as the national votes are made by the public on Thursday 12th December.

So far the student leaders have nominated Party Leaders for Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. They have also appointed Ministers for key areas. They are currently gathering research from the manifestos of each party on key areas such as; education, brexit and health. Once they have competed their research they will be working with our onsite Technician Assistant Mr Wells to create broadcasts for each of the 3 parties which will be shown to all students through the course of the week commencing 9th December.

We will keep parents updated as to how the canvassing is going and hope to share some snippets of how the campaigns play out, as well as sharing the Deyes High School election results in 2 weeks’ time.

Who knows…maybe we have a budding Prime Minister in our midst!