Kindness in the Community Project

During lockdown, we felt that the sense of community really kept us all going through the challenges we faced and our students were truly outstanding in supporting each other. From this, we hatched an idea which gave our students the opportunity to support the community around them and allow them to show how compassionate and resilient they truly are.

And so the ‘Kindness in the Community’ project was born! Designed to reach four key areas of our community; residents, businesses, primary schools, and care homes we set about ways in which our students could reach out to these areas and offer their support and guidance.

Year 7’s were asked to consider what advice they could give to Year 6 students in our local primary schools, including any tips they may have about the transition to high school which would help to ease their minds and to get them excited for the next chapter ahead.

Year 8’s used knowledge and experience from our ‘Wellbeing’ days to produce posters for our local residents, aiming to put a smile on their faces and giving their top ‘tips and tricks’ for staying positive during these challenging times.

Year 9’s extended this further by working to create some mental health guidance for local businesses so that their staff and customers could use strategies to support their mindset and know that they are not alone and others are thinking about them.

Finally, our Yr10’s and 11’s wrote some excellent letters to our local care home residents. These contained some heartfelt messages, happy stories and cheerful conversation to help conquer any feeling of loneliness and keep their spirits lifted as they struggle with the challenges of this past year.

Our students stepped up to the challenge, as we knew they would, and the results are truly powerful and heart-warming.They really showed their considerate and caring attitudes and the activities allowed them to echo the support they have given to each other and to staff, into the local community. We hope that, as we distribute the letters and posters into the community, their efforts will be rewarded and the benefits will be far reaching.

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