School History


Deyes Lane is mentioned on a map of Maghull.
There is land belonging to a Mr Dey/Day during this time.


In the last will and testament of a Mr Thomas Webster it is mentioned that he owed 1 shilling to a Mr George Dey, which is bequeathed to Mr Dey. Dey is the old English word for dairy.


There are no people by the name of Dey living in Maghull at this time.


Dey’s Lane is mentioned on an Ordnance Survey Map of Maghull

Our Badge

Our School’s badge was originally designed by the Headteacher Mr L Hall who retired in 1970/71 from what was then Deyes Lane County Secondary School.

There are three main features of the badge:

  • The ballista or trébuchet was the heraldic device of the Maghull family. (Spelling of surname varies considerably). It is understood to have been awarded to the family in recognition of service during the Hundred Years’ War. We believe that Mr Hall chose this as a local symbol and also to signify “aiming high” and overcoming difficulty.
  • The leaping chamois is a creature swift and sure of foot and symbolises rapid but secure progress.
  • The interlocking design signifies that the school is co-educational.