PREVENT Extremism

At Deyes High School our ‘Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy’ is part of our commitment to keeping our pupils safe. Over the last few years, global events have led to a growth of extremist viewpoints, including advocacy of violent extremism. Schools have an important part to play in both educating children and young people about extremism and recognising when pupils start to become radicalised.

Staff members at Deyes High School follow a process map for reporting a concern of a vulnerable individual. This can be viewed by clicking on the button below.

In March 2015, new statutory duties were placed on schools by the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 which means they must work to prevent children being drawn into extremism.

Safeguarding children from all risks of harm is an important part of our school’s work and protecting them from extremism is one aspect of that.

Recently the Government launched an ‘Educate Against Hate’ website designed to provide practical advice for schools, parents and students about tackling extremism and radicalisation.

The site can be accessed by clicking the button below.