Sefton’s new ‘Supporting Superstar’ was announced at a glittering awards ceremony last month and the prestigious regional award was bestowed upon Deyes’ very own Mrs Bigley. Announcing the award, the presenter described Mrs Bigley as an ‘amazing adult’ who supports young people with their mental health.

An ex-pupil who nominated Mrs Bigley was on hand to present her with the accolade and in her own words she said that it was ‘hard to truly find words that would even come close to describe how incredible Mrs Bigley is.’

The presenter went on to explain how Mrs Bigley had ‘gone above and beyond’ to help her ex-pupil to deal with her mental health issues and how in the words of the nominator “she [Mrs Bigley] rescued me, time and time again, in ways that no doctor, counsellor, or teacher ever did or could.’’

On behalf of the whole school, Deyes would like to congratulate Mrs Bigley on receiving this special award and would like to thank her for all the important work she has done, and is continuing to do, to help students achieve their potential at Deyes High.