Teaching and Learning

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning at Deyes High School is all about ensuring that everyone of our students achieves at the very highest level. It is about our students making excellent progress from the moment they step over the threshold.

At Deyes we are continually developing our understanding of what great learning is so that we can achieve the best results for every learner.

Prospective students of Deyes High will be:

  1. Effective independent learners who have skills to become life-long learners.
  2. In receipt of a good, well-balanced, coherent curriculum that meets their needs.
  3. Able to enquire and solve problems.
  4. Able to see the links between curriculum areas where appropriate.
  5. Able to transfer skills across their curriculum experience.

Everything we do is about learning

Staff at Deyes High School realise that the quality of learning occurring in our classrooms forms the bedrock of success for our students. Teachers at Deyes High embrace the belief that the pursuit of excellence in teaching is the single most powerful influence on achievement. 

At Deyes High…

  1. The focus is on young people and their learning.
  2. The adults in the school are expected to be continuing learners themselves.
  3. Staff are encouraged to collaborate by learning with and from each other to ensure a consistency of approach across faculty areas.
  4. The school as an organisation is a ‘personalised learning community’.

Deyes High "Life Long Learning Aims"

  • Learners have high self- esteem.
  • Learners develop their communication skills.
  • Learners are aware of their own learning styles, particular gifts, talents and qualities, and can discuss them openly and confidently.
  • Learners can set themselves targets and work towards them.
  • Learners are adaptable problem solvers.
  • Learners are confident ICT users.
  • Learners view learning as challenging, fun and continuous.
  • Learners see learning as a key part of their personal development.
  • Learners are able to learn the social skills that enable them to achieve.
  • Learners are aware of emotional intelligence and use it to their advantage.