Working From Home Curriculum

Work for completion by students absent due to illness or self-isolation

The work below has been prepared for you to use if you are not attending school because you are ill or self-isolating because you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID 19.

DO NOT USE THIS WORK if you are not attending school because your whole Year Group bubble has been instructed to self-isolate. Under these circumstances you will access your lessons via Direct Delivery using TEAMS.

This works covers Half Term 2 : 2nd November to 18th December inclusive.

Following your normal daily timetable just select, from your Year Group list, the subjects that you are studying. Each link will take you to the online weekly timetable from where you can access the necessary resources. You should follow the guidance provided including instructions on how to submit work to your teachers.

Teacher e-mails are provided on each weekly timetable.