Support for the Future

At College@Deyes we like to challenge students to achieve their best, we are also proud to offer you the support that makes that a possibility. From the time you first come to College@Deyes, you will have many people to turn to with any problems you face.

Your College@Deyes tutor looks after you when you first arrive and monitors your progress throughout your time here. They are your first point of contact to turn to for help and advice should you have a problem.They will guide you through the UCAS process and support you with your personal statement.

In addition, we provide you with Study Support that can help improve your learning techniques and your academic ability.

We like to think too that we can help you plan your future and that College@Deyes can simply be the start of your successful career. With that in mind we have used our extensive experience to provide you with the resources and the help from staff to ensure good career planning.

Lastly we always have a member if the College@Deyes Team on hand throughout the day to help you with your day to day queries! You simply need to ask for help and we will do our best to be there for you!

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