School Uniform

A smart uniform encourages a sense of community and develops a sense of pride and self-respect. Uniform should therefore be worn with pride and we have the highest expectations of our students.

Purchasing and wearing the correct uniform indicates a willingness to engage with and be a part of Deyes High School. We require all pupils to wear the correct uniform at all times and our pupils are proud to wear the Deyes badge. We expect parents to champion our uniform and support us by expecting their child to choose, purchase and wear our uniform correctly.

We publish our uniform requirements to ensure students and parents clearly understand what is and is not acceptable. Please click here to read our Uniform Policy. Deviation from the requirements will be dealt with on every occasion. We expect parents to fully support us in this endeavour.

Uniform Requirements


Blazer - Black blazer with red trim and the school badge, as supplied by school suppliers. The blazer should be worn at all times, unless a classroom teacher gives permission to remove it during class. The blazer should never be worn around the waist or shoulders.

Tie - Deyes High School tie, with the appropriate colour for the year group (2022/23 colours are Y7 purple, Y8 orange, Y9 red, Y10 Yellow, Y11 green). Worn to conceal the fastened top button and long enough to reach the waistband of the skirt or trousers.

Shirt- Light blue, plain style and fabric. Worn buttoned up to the top and fully tucked into the waistband of the skirt or trousers.

Jumper (optional) - Black V neck with badge on the left hand side, as supplied by the school suppliers. Not to be worn instead of a blazer.

Skirt - Plain, black pleated skirt, in a formal uniform style - as supplied by the School’s designated suppliers. Or plain black square-necked and buttoned pinafore. All skirts and pinafores should be knee length.

Trousers - Plain, black, in a formal uniform style - as supplied by the School’s designated suppliers. No ‘skinny’ trousers of any material. No jeans, tracksuit or combat style trousers.

Shoes - Black, plain leather or patent, polishable, formal office style, low heeled full shoes with no coloured or white markings, embellishments, logos, bows, flowers or mental adornments. Casual shoes, training (sports) shoes or shoes with a trainer type sole and/or are unpolishable are not acceptable. Canvas or fabric shoes are not allowed. Any footwear with a sports brand logo is unacceptable. Visual depictions of appropriate footwear are below.


P​E Kit


Socks - Plain dark blue or black socks.

Tights - Plain, black or flesh coloured may be worn.

Outdoor Wear - Coats should be plain and dark coloured. No sweatshirts, hoodies, zipped jackets are to be worn in school. No hoods, hats or caps are to be worn in school. No denim or leather coats/jackets. No outdoor wear should be worn underneath or instead of the blazer. All outdoor wear must be big enough to be worn over the blazer.

Hair - Long hair (shoulder length and below) must be tied back without elaborate hair decoration – using navy or black accessories. No bows are to be worn. Long hair should be tied up at all times throughout the school day. Students should not come to school with extreme hair styles or unnatural hair colours which draw attention to themselves.

Make-up - No makeup or discreet enough not to be noticed.

Nail Varnish - No nail varnish. Any nail varnish worn, including shellac will be required to be removed immediately.

Jewellery - The only permitted jewellery is a wristwatch and one small pair of studs, worn one each in the lower earlobe. No nose/tongue jewellery or visible body piercing with jewellery. All non-permitted jewellery will be removed immediately, regardless of when a piercing was obtained. It is not acceptable to wear a plaster over non-permitted jewellery. Spacers are not allowed to be worn in school.

School Bag - A school bag/s should be carried which will accommodate A4 size files and a full Deyes High PE kit.



Kit A

  • Polo Shirt
  • Rugby Shirt
  • Shorts
  • Socks


Kit B

  • Polo Shirt
  • Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Socks
  • At least ONE of the following items: Leggings / Shorts / Skirt

Acceptable Footwear

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