Regular attendance is fundamental to any student’s academic success. Students who have high attendance figures tend to achieve high levels of attainment in all key stages and especially in GCSE & A-Level results.
Full attendance is a vital part of making progress in your learning and achieving your full potential.
  • Attending school every day demonstrates commitment.
  • Commitment is a skill that is valued by colleges, apprenticeships, universities and employers.
  • Colleges, apprenticeships, universities and employers will see a record of school attendance.

The School expects all students to aim for 100% attendance as this provides the best foundation for progress by allowing the curriculum to be delivered fully and uninterrupted. As a result, students’ attendance percentage is included on the termly report sent to parents.

Attendance of 97% or above is regarded as acceptable and should be achieved with an average amount of illness (this still equates to 5 days of absence across the academic year).

Any student with an attendance record below 96% is deemed to be ‘below target’ by the School and any student with an attendance record of 90% or below is deemed as ‘Persistently Absent’ by the government.

Any attendance level that creates a cause for concern would initiate intervention by the school. This could be as simple as a ‘chat’ with the form teacher or may, in more severe circumstances, lead to the involvement of agencies outside of the school.

Put yourself in the lead, be in school every day!



At Deyes High School, we believe that time management and punctuality are lifelong skills and an expectation of the country’s leading universities and employers. Students are expected to be on the school site and in their form rooms/lessons by their designated start time.

Attendance Officers

The Attendance Officer manages attendance. If you are absent from school without an explanation they will contact home to find out why you are not in school.

The attendance officers are:

Miss Michelle Ariss - 0151 5263814

NHS illness guide

Click here for NHS advice on common childhood illnesses and attending school.

Holiday Requests

Holidays booked during term time will be unauthorised unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case we must know about this in advance, please use the below form to submit your holiday request or scan the QR code:



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