School Uniform

Blazer Black blazer with school badge

Tie Deyes High tie worn to conceal the top button & down to the belt or waistband.

Shirt  Light blue, plain style and buttoned to the top and tucked in.

Pullover (optional) Black V-neck with badge on left hand side as supplied by the School Uniform Supplier

Skirt Knee length plain, black pleated skirt or plain black square-necked and buttoned pinafore.

Trousers Plain, black, full length, tailored trousers. No jeans of combat style trousers.

Shoes Black, plain formal style, low heeled, full shoes. No coloured markings, logos, bows, flowers or metal adornments.

Socks Plain, dark blue or black socks. No bows on socks.

Tights Black or flesh coloured tights

School Bag A school bag should be carried to accommodate an A4 size file.

Make up Preferably no make-up should be worn, but if worn it should be discreet enough to not be noticed.

Hair Long hair must be tied back without elaborate hair decoration – using navy or black accessories. Students should not come to School with extreme hair styles or unnatural hair colours which draw attention to themselves.

Nail Varnish & Jewellery No nail varnish.

Outdoor Wear In addition to the school blazer a smart, plain outdoor coat may be worn. Denim and leather jackets or hooded/zipped sweatshirts are not acceptable as school wear.


If you have any second-hand uniform in good condition, we would be grateful if you would send it to the reception at school. 

To view the school’s footwear standards, please click on the button below.