“We must all do theatre to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become” Augusto Boal, Theatre Practitioner
“The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create” Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States


Drama is an important and fundamental practice among human beings for communication and for emotional and cultural expression. It has a significant art form that contributes to nurturing human being aesthetic sensitivity and to developing their social, intellectual, physical and mental abilities. Drama, is a unique artistic language and develops concurrently with human cultures. It enlightens our thinking and enriches our spirits and lives. As a subject it facilitates the development of the whole child and has the capacity to engage young people in education, to motivate and to foster a love of learning: developing transferrable skills such as self-discipline, resilience, creativity, confidence and team work.

Drama is studied both from a practical and theoretical perspective allowing students to gain the skills and knowledge of theatrical practitioners. This enables students not only to ‘re-enact’ but to shape their ideas with a greater understanding for style, intention, theatrical form and to learn to celebrate individual and unique perspectives.

Curriculum Intent

The drama curriculum at Deyes High School has been designed to be practical, engaging and challenging. It enables pupils to understand drama as a practical art form where ideas are communicated in a creative manner. Our curriculum allows for all students to access the study programme in both a practical and theoretical manner. It enables students to apply knowledge and understanding in order to create and develop drama. It will prepare learners for the study of GCSE drama as well as preparing them for the world around them. We want to embed a love of cultural experiences within our curriculum which will allow students to develop their morals, and values, through their love of learning. Drama will empower our students to deepen and widen their learning across a range of scripts, plays and theatre visits.

Pupils will;

  • Develop speaking and listening skills, their ability to work in a successful ensemble, confidence, emotional empathy and leadership traits
  • Develop theatrical performance skills focusing on vocal and physical skills
  • Have the opportunity to explore a range of different theatrical styles, genres and themes and a range of scripts
  • Develop their understanding of drama explorative strategies and will be able to apply them in performances.
  • Develop their ability to analyse and evaluate performances using key terminology
  • Explore and develop the skills to debate and put forward opinions

Curriculum Implementation

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