"Language is the light of the mind" John Stuart Mill

In our role as English Language and Literature specialists, we aim to equip students with the skills they need to be ambitious and resilient in their goals and achievement, both in the present and the future. We aim to foster a love of learning in English Language and Literature, where students are enthusiastic discoverers of new learning. We aim to develop imaginative and resilient students who are motivated to thrive and develop into strong, independent and successful learners. We will promote this vision through a broad, varied and challenging yet fully accessible curriculum with a motivating and inspirational learning environment. Our subject offers a knowledge-rich curriculum which incorporates both substantive and disciplinary knowledge. Our students can therefore confidently communicate and organise the knowledge gained in Language and Literature.

Curriculum Intent

  • Access to all subjects is underpinned by good grounding in Literacy, so it is right that all students study English. This will promote students to read, write and speak fluently with good understanding and using a wide vocabulary
  • To develop wide reading for pleasure and information through rich and varied texts from the literary heritage which include a broad range of text genres, styles and narrative structures, and types of non-fiction texts
  • Students will be able to work independently and develop an autonomous approach to the subject through adaptation and personalised learning
  • Students will develop their transcription and composition writing skills so they are clear, accurate and coherent
  • Students will develop their knowledge of language, which includes linguistic knowledge like vocabulary and grammar, as well as knowledge of the world for comprehension which will underpin their progression in spoken language, reading and writing
  • Students will competently develop the art of speaking and listening through formal presentations, debates and discussions. Students will learn how to use ‘exploratory talk’ and ‘presentational talk’ to present their ideas
  • In Key Stage 3, 4 and 5, students will read a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays which become increasingly complex in style and increasingly substantial in content and themes to develop a genuine love of literature. Students will develop their epistemic knowledge through their study of four key areas which include the history and development of literature, the craft of the writer, the response of the reader and the nature of literary study
  • Through the study of these varied texts in our curriculum, students will explore language, our literary heritage, society, relationships, social interactions, culture, beliefs and traditions which will fundamentally contribute to their success in social groups and society, accessing Higher Education and success in work or a career. Through the study of these texts, students will accumulate knowledge, behaviours and skills which will demonstrate their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence.

Curriculum Implementation

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Curriculum at a Glance

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Curriculum Sequence

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