Religious Education

"In a world where you can anything, be kind"


  • To create a community of enquiry within our classrooms that challenges pupils to think about the diverse world around them.
  • To help pupils develop transferable skills such as analysis and evaluation.
  • To inspire pupils to think beyond their own experience and consider ultimate questions.
  • To engage pupils in their lessons and foster a love of learning.

Curriculum Intent

  • We aim to foster a curiosity about the role religion plays in the lives of individuals and society as a whole.
  • We aim to develop transferable skills such as analysis and evaluation so that students can express informed opinions about the world around them.
  • We aim to:
  • Understand the key beliefs and practices of the six Major World Religions and how they influence the lives of believers.
  • Apply religious perspectives to a range of current moral and ethical issues and consider the implications of such responses.
  • To gain an historical perspective and by understanding the context of religious teachings and evaluating their place in the modern world.

Overarching Curriculum

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