‘The important thing is to never stop questioning’

Albert Einstein


Our vision is to prepare all students for a future where the sciences and technology leads the way. Linking lesson content with skills and academic accomplishment that employers want and supports the scientific thinking across the school and wider society. To produce engaging lessons which foster inquisitive minds and build a love of learning. To promote ingenuity, independence and positivity in our teaching that will allow our students to succeed beyond exam performance in an ever changing world.

Curriculum Intent

  • To develop and deepen pupils' knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and subject specific vocabulary through consistent approaches to embedding key ideas, via a spiral curriculum from year 7 to 13.
  • To develop pupils' curiosity and excitement for science through scientific enquiry and development of practical investigation skills.
  • To develop pupils' understanding of the importance of science in the world around us.

    Overarching Curriculum

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