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For all the exam information for both Year 11 and the Sixth Form please see below.

Deyes High School Centre Policy:

For A/AS levels and GCSEs for summer 2021

Confirmed Summer 2022 Exam Timetable

KS4 Examination Timetable

KS5 Examination Timetable

Exam Boards:

Year 11 Exam Boards 2021 - 22

Year 13 Exam Boards 2021 - 22

JCQ information for candidates for the academic year

Key Dates / Exam Timetables:

The government consultation as to how qualifications will be awarded has now been published.

Please click on the following links to read the outcomes of the consultation.

GCSE and A Level

Vocational Qualifications

PPE Timetables

Y7,8,9 Overview Timetable

Y10 Overview Timetable

Y12 Overview Timetable

JCQ Information / Exam Guidelines:

JCQ Information for Candidates

PPE Examination Guidelines

OCR Advance Information

GCSE Computer Science

GCSE Psychology

Pearson Advance Information

GCSE Maths

A Level RE

Enquiries / Appeals:

Enquires/Appeals/Requests Booklet January 2022

Results Enquiries Form

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