Your Best Deyes

In February 2023, we launched our new whole school award programme, Your Best Deyes,

All students have been invited to complete a series of challenges appropriate to their year group, working towards a badge they can wear with pride.

The challenges will engage students in all aspects of school life whilst also empowering them to try new activities and develop new skills.

T​he achievement criteria vary by age group but include activities such as:

  • Regularly attend an enrichment activity
  • To represent the school in sports, contribute to Performing Arts events or subject specific event
  • T​o attend cultural or sports events outside of school
  • To have at least ‘good’ (97%) attendance
  • To read aloud during Project L on 3 or more occasions​ and engage in wider reading
  • Contribute to a whole school event

    C​lick here to find out more about our KS3, Year 10 and Year 11 achievement criteria.
    C​lick here to see our extra-curricular activities, which cater for all ages and interests.

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