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Deyes High School follows the Sefton Council Admissions Policy Sefton Council manage and allocate school places however please contact us directly on 0151 526 3814 if you have any questions about our admissions arrangements.


Regular attendance is fundamental to any student’s academic success. Students who have high attendance figures tend to achieve high levels of attainment in all key stages and especially in GCSE & A-Level results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch a video of our Senior Leadership team answering your frequently asked questions.

Y6 to Y7 Transition Hub

Deyes High School is part of the Lydiate Learning Trust and serves the community of Maghull and beyond as a beacon of excellence. Our school gives students the opportunity to fulfil their potential and achieve their ambitions. P​lease click on the below links to find out more about Deyes High

Letters Home

L​etters Home L​etters Home Y​9 Learning Plan 7th July Y​8 Learning Plan 7th July Y​7 Learning Plan 7th July Y​9 Learning Plan 5th July Y​8 Learning Plan 5th July Y​7 Learning Plan 5th July S​trike Letter Y10 S​trike Letter 5th and 7th July Y​11 Strike Provision 2nd May Y10 Learning

More Able

At Deyes High School, we believe in the importance of providing appropriate learning experiences for all students, regardless of ability. We have a significant number of students who are 'more able' in at least one area of the curriculum. Our planning ensures that these students are given

Online Safety

At Deyes High School our ‘Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy’ is part of our commitment to keeping our pupils safe.

Parents Evenings

For more information about making virtual appointments and participating in virtual meetings, click here . T​o access our booking system, click here . Years 7-10 have one Parent consultation evening per year and Year 11 students have two. The updated Parent Consultation evenings for this academic

Parent Feedback

We value the opinions and input from all of our parents and take pride in responding to and acting on your feedback. Contact us Please email us if you want to contact the school about your child's education. Include your full name, your child’s name and form and your comment

Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is an additional annual payment to schools for each ‘disadvantaged’ student that attends their school. The definition of a disadvantaged child is any student who has received a free school meal in the last six years, has been in care for one day or more or is a child in service.

School Day

A full breakdown of the timings of the school day.


The Governors and staff of Deyes High School recognise our responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all our pupils. The whole team works hard to ensure that we provide a safe and welcoming environment where our students are respected and valued.

School Synergy

Deyes High School recently launched the School Synergy system, which enables parents/carers and students to have an immediate overview of many aspects of school life, including behaviour, homework, attendance and communication. Student Codes have been issued to each parent/carer by school. Contact

School Uniform

A smart uniform encourages a sense of community and develops a sense of pride and self-respect. The School believes that uniform should therefore be worn with pride and, as such, we have the highest expectations of our students.

Term Dates

Deyes High School term dates for 2020 - 2021.


B​US TICKETS - Bus tickets can be purchased from the driver using cash or contactless card. For information about weekly, monthly or term-time tickets, please see the Merseytravel website . B​US SERVICES - Routes 722 and 725 serve Deyes High School, click here for the timetable. T​RAIN TICKETS -

Weather Issues

Deyes High School always prioritises the learning of our students and we are committed to opening in all circumstances. It is very unlikely that the school will ever have to close, and parents and students should assume the school remains open unless they hear otherwise. However, in the event

Cost of Living Support

C​ost of Living Crisis Support Everyone is feeling the pinch this winter and we want to support those families in our school community who are impacted the most. If you’re struggling with your finances, please get in touch to let us know, as there may be things we can suggest which will help.

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