Homework & Revision

H​omework will be set regularly and in a variety of formats. All homework will be added to the School Synergy system so parents/carers and students can have an immediate overview of the work they have been set.

There are always opportunities for further independent study and students may wish to do extra work on one of the subject’s preferred applications. Seneca learning, BBC Bitesize, Hegarty Maths and Memrise are a few examples.

Students can all always be working on improving their subject knowledge using their Knowledge Organisers that are available from the student portal. We would encourage students to use Knowledge Organisers to produce flashcards which is a preferred revision technique at Deyes High.

Private reading is also extremely important. Please encourage your child to read as widely, and as often, as possible. Project L is our strategy aimed at developing a culture and love of reading across our school community. Each term has a theme that could be complimented by alternative text choices at home. Subject specific reading lists can be found on the Knowledge Organisers were applicable.

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