First Day Guide

DATE: Tuesday 5 September 2023 (Year 7 only on this day)

WHERE SHOULD STUDENTS GO ON THEIR FIRST DAY? Students should use the main entrance on Deyes Lane.

WHAT TIME SHOULD STUDENTS ARRIVE AT? Students should arrive by 8.30am

WILL BREAKFAST BE AVAILABLE ON THE FIRST DAY? Yes. Breakfast Club will run from 7:45am - 8.30am (through the Reception entrance)

WHAT TO DO STUDENTS NEED TO BRING? Pencil case, including a black pen, a red pen, a ruler, rubber and a pencil. Mathematical calculators are also recommended.

HOW DO STUDENTS PAY FOR LUNCH? All students will have their electronic fingerprint taken on the first day. Students entitled to free school meals will automatically have their accounts updated. Parents can upload funds onto their ParentPay accounts and students can top up their accounts at break and lunchtime via the machines located around the school.

WILL STUDENTS HAVE THEIR PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN? The students will have their photograph taken for our database. They will be given a postcard with details of how to order copies directly from our school photographer.

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