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We recommend the freely accessible websites below to research career ideas, access Labour Market Information and find opportunities for work experience and volunteering.

Careers and Labour Market Information

General Careers Information:

Higher Education:

Enrichment and skills development opportunities:

Work Experience

Work experience is a great opportunity for everyone and we offer many opportunities to experience the world of work through workplace visits, employer shadowing and industry set work briefs as part of the structured careers programme at Deyes High. In addition to what school is offering we are keen to encourage all our students to enrich their personal and social development of our pupils. There are many opportunities to participate in work related learning and work experiences.

If any other student wishes to arrange an independent work placement they can organise this for the school holidays. Work Experience guidance leaflets are available from the Careers Office.

More recently virtual experiences have become available, we recommend registering on these websites and participate in any experience that are of interest to pupils.


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