As a student at College@Deyes, there is a multitude of activities to get involved in throughout the year to develop your career education. Your stable career programme consists of many elements such as:

  • Tutorials delivered by your VI Form Coach
  • Bespoke Assemblies
  • Two Weeks of Work Experience
  • Meet the Professionals Event
  • Employer Breakfasts
  • Apprenticeship Evenings
  • UCAS Information Evenings
  • Not Going to University Event
  • Careers Festival
  • Mock Interviews and Assessment Centres.
  • One to One support from our Careers Advisor
  • Visits to University
  • External Speakers
  • Employer Engagement
  • Displays around the school and in department areas.

In addition, all curriculum areas link career education to the lessons you follow throughout each academic year.

We evaluate our careers’ provision frequently based upon the Career Development Framework and Student, Parent, Staff and Employer feedback.

Who is your Careers Advisor and how can you contact them?

Our Careers Advisor is Mrs Dainton King, and all our pupils are entitled to 1:1 career advice throughout their time at College@Deyes. Our Careers Team is based in the Sixth Form building and is available all year. Mrs Dainton King will have contact with all College@Deyes students over the course of the academic year, either through Work Experience, Career Events or through group sessions for career advice and support.

If you would like an appointment with Mrs Dainton King, please contact her via email:

Below there are a list of useful websites that will help in taking the big steps ahead and the transition form Post-18 to beyond…




This website provides careers information, advice and guidance and will help your child make decisions on learning, training, and work at all stages of their career.

This is a brilliant website for students, parents, and carers. It has many resources such as quizzes, videos and labour market information which could help inspire our students about their future pathways.

This website is brilliant! It is full of resources and thousands of nationwide opportunities and ideas for those who have decided University is not for them.

Students can sign up to Springpod, where they will be provided with virtual work experience placements, university experiences and apprenticeship advice. There are also several university subject spotlights that are regularly updated with short talks to inform students about the nature of those subjects before they apply.

This website allows pupils to explore what university courses they could apply to with their specific A-Levels and qualifications.


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