How can you help us?

Support from local employers and employees is integral to our Careers education. We need your support more than ever, to help our Sixth Formers fulfil their goals and aspirations. We want our Sixth Formers to understand the World of Work and the different routes into their chosen career paths. You could help our students develop the required skills needed to meet employer needs and business and industry challenges.

How can we help you?

W​e offer various employee volunteering opportunities which count towards your corporate volunteering programme and help build social value in the local community.

Are there skills you would like your workforce to have? Maybe these skills are currently lacking and need to be developed in your future workforce. Would you like an opportunity to be proactive and influence the future workforce? Do these skills align with a particular subject,for example, History/Law OR Health & Social Care/ Nursing? Our Students are keen to develop the skills desired by local employers and by visiting College@Deyes, you can help them do this.

Choose a subject area and register a submission of interest by completing the form through the link below. Once you’ve completed this form, the Subject Lead will be in contact to arrange your visit, to inspire our pupils and help prepare them for the world of work.

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