Book Vending Machine Offers Children Limitless Adventures

Children at Lydiate Primary School in Maghull are celebrating after Deyes High presented them with a book vending machine.

This exciting and new initiative was the result of a reading project between the two schools last term. Lianne Greenall, Executive Director for school improvement worked with the staff on ways to engage the children in reading for pleasure. This was an idea that the staff really felt would have an impact on the children and so with the support of Lydiate Learning Trust they set out to make it happen.

The school will use the golden tokens as part of their reward system. The children will be able to select a book as a prize. There was a real sense of excitement from the children and staff as the vending machine was unveiled during assembly with Lianne Greenall. One of the children in year 5 said, “Thank you so much for donating the machine to us, we really appreciate it. All of the books look great and will help us grow our imaginations and gather new ideas.”

Eloise, in year 5 was the lucky winner of the first golden token. She was given a token for her Extreme Reading Challenge Entry. Eloise said: “The vending machine is amazing! I’ve chosen Clockwork by Philip Pulman because it looks like an interesting story, and I’ll write about it in our Book Review Scrapbook.”

Lianne Greenall, Lydiate Learning Trust Executive Director of School Improvement said: “We’re delighted to support Lydiate Primary School. It is wonderful to see the awe and wonder on the children’s faces as they peer into the machine. I hope they are inspired to read more and enjoy the wide variety of books that we have provided.”

Karen Allen, Assistant Headteacher, said: "Reading is an important life skill and we encourage children to love books throughout school. By reading stories, children build vocabulary and language skills and can learn ideas and experiences which will spark their imagination and help them learn about the world. We are so grateful to Lydiate Learning Trust and Deyes High School for their generous donation of the vending machine and books which will enable our vision of reading for pleasure to reach beyond school and into our wider community.”


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