Students display athletic excellence at Sports Day

Students display athletic excellence in Sports Days

The PE department has delivered an incredible series of Sports Days this year.


Despite the weather threatening to spoil our efforts, we managed to get almost all of our Year 7 to 10 students involved in athletic events with interform and individual competitions. It was amazing to see so many students taking part and some showed exceptional talent.


Here are a few highlights:

Year 7

Only 3 of our 240 students could not take part due to injury or illness.

Marley Rose Garratt was multi-talented and won the 400m, 800m and Javelin.

Aiden Connor showed great strength winning all the three throwing events and he also performed very well in the sprints making the 100 and 200m final. Charlie McLoughlin was the boys speed king, winning both the 100m and the 200m.

The winning form was 7HSM, whose top performers were Tom Aldridge and Lucy Keenan.

Year 8

Charlie Meadows sprinted to 100m victory in the boys competition and Erin Griffin showed outstanding technique as she won gold in the 200m, High Jump and Long Jump.

Interform winners were 8 LHA, their top performers were Erin and Charlie Street.

Year 9

The Year 9 girls competition showed the talents of the Keenan family again. This time Hannah, Lucy's sister, won 4 events – 100m, 400m, 800m and Javelin. An impressive haul by any standards. Ryan Pouton shone amongst the boys, winning 100m and 200m.

LKA won this interform competition with Carl Longworth and Scarlett Martin their best performers.

Year 10

This year group included girls who won the Sefton athletics championships and boys who came second in their event so the standard was always going to be high.

George Deakin managed to win 4 golds in the 100m, 200, long jump and triple jump.Sophie Blakemore took 2 golds (100m and 200m), and Poppy Solieux won the Discus and javelin.

The winning form were FWI whose top performers were Matthew Hamilton and Lottie Badger.


Well done to all our students on such amazing sportsmanship and for all the efforts you put into being the best that you can be.

A big thank you must also go to all the staff who gave their time to enable us to put these events on.


Finally, the best athletes in each year group win the Victor/Victrix Ludorum. Students should be really proud of these achievements. Well done to all.


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