New school uniform

We would like to thank all parents and carers for the feedback provided on our uniform. It was very clear that high standards and pride in how we present ourselves matters a great deal to all.

As a result of these consultations, taking all views into consideration, some changes will be made to our uniform policy for September 2022.

Firstly, our blazer and tie have been redesigned as shown in the pictures above.

The exciting new style updates our uniform, promotes our identity as part of Lydiate Learning Trust and prepares us for our move to the new school building. Both the school and the uniform are unique, dynamic and make a clear statement about our values at Deyes High School.

For this year only, all students will be given a new blazer and tie free of charge ready for September 2022. Full details of this will be sent out in the summer term when items are available at our stockist. Other items of uniform have been fully audited to ensure that they can be purchased in the lowest possible price range across many stockists/stores. In future years, purchases of blazers and ties will need to be included in your uniform budget as they usually have been.

We will also clarify our expectations on issues such as shoes, jewellery and hair next term, giving plenty of notice before purchases are made so that when all students return to school in September, they meet our exemplary standard.

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