"Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming"

Richard Branson


The vision of the Business Studies department is to prepare our students to be tomorrows citizens by ensuring they are equipped with the transferrable skills and knowledge needed to enter the world or work.

We hope to play a key part in promoting a love of learning of the subject which in turn leads students to achieve their full potential and prepare them to become valuable and diverse members of the community.

Curriculum Intent

We aim to develop all student’s knowledge, skills and understanding of the business world so they are prepared and ready for the world of work.

We aim to develop a love of learning in Business Studies through engaging, creative and challenging teaching and to deliver relevant and creative lessons for all students.

At KS4 we aim to equip students with a deep and broad knowledge of business theory and how it can be applied in the business world.

At KS5 we aim to equip students with essential skills and knowledge so they can progress onto a business apprenticeship, or into a business-related job role. We enable students to acquire a range of transferable skills and knowledge which are highly regarded by employers.

Curriculum Implementation

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Curriculum Sequence

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