Social Sciences

"To teach well you should pay careful attention to what an assignment actually makes students think about… memory is the residue of thought"

D. Willingham


A high-quality social science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through the disciplines of psychology, sociology and health and social care. Our vision is to provide pupils with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed through the delivery of a high quality delivery of high quality lessons which will promote inquisitive minds, a love of learning of the social sciences, and an appreciation of their application to the ever changing, modern world.

  • The emergence of psychology as a science has afforded us the opportunity to adopt a highly scientific approach to understanding human mind and behaviour.
  • Sociology enables us to understand the relationship between us as individuals and the world in which we live, and analyse the taken-for-granted attitudes, values and behaviours which influence our experiences in modern society.
  • Health and social care allows for the in-depth, scientific study of the human body, whilst also understanding the importance of positive relationships and key issues linked to our physical and emotional health.

Curriculum Intent

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of aspects of human behaviour that social scientists seek to explain
  • To develop skills of application and evaluation of explanations, models and theories of society and human behaviour ·
  • To develop ability and confidence in examination skills and techniques for success

Overarching Curriculum for Sociology

Overarching Curriculum for Psychology

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